Plant the seed to facilitate your growth

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Growing online should be fun πŸŽ‰

Digital marketing is changing and so should you. Β We take your business to the next level*. We like fun and exciting businesses that want to upgrade to the next level.

Nudana was founded to combine digital marketing with optimization and is the end result of myself, Oscar and Kalle. We began our journey in 2020 and have since then helped companies perform better on the web.


*yeah, big shot level

Behind the brand

Kalle Berglund

Expert of everything digital and juice. DM me for amazing juice recipes.

Oscar Lord

Resident technology enthusiast. Reach out connect with me!

Find out how you can grow 🌱

We created a tool to understand how your business is performing online.
Try our free health check toΒ see how you're holding up.