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March 2, 2021
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Have you ever wondered why people used to line up in front of a Supreme’s store the night before the new box-logo release? Why does every iPhone presentation’s event count millions of streaming? While in the first example the scarcity of the supply might influence the audience, Apple’s example is the proof of the astonishing power of community building.

Every brand should intensely work to build its community of like-minded customers. Genuine feedback, meaningful connections, a sense of belonging and a better brand experience are only some priceless benefits. Analysing the socio-economic situation appears clear that markets are facing the fastest evolution ever. So are customers: more demanding and sensible. Consequently, every firm is switching to a consumer-centre approach to maintain its slice of the cake. Indeed, community building is often used as an indicator of customers’ loyalty.


Yes, you just created magic.

You are on the right website at the right time!

Nudana is here to facilitate the digital transformation of your business, starting by guiding you through a world of new knowledge and key insights into what community building is.

Community building can be defined as the creation of an environment where customers are free to express their opinions, share their experiences and support their beloved brand.

Statistics are representative of its disruptive efficiency:

  • 64% of firms affirmed their brand community helped to improve decision-making.
  • nearly 90% of companies were able to receive more detailed insights about their customers’ needs and wants.
  • 96% of companies recognised the importance of their client collaboration for their marketing department.

After these numbers, you might be wondering why you are still reading instead of starting to build up your brand community.

The answer is below here, therefore keep studying this content!

A widespread mistake is to expect this activity to produce results immediately.

Let me tell you: who affirms that is poking fun of you.

Since we know what you expect, we are delivering only the true and tough reality.

Community building is a complex and time-consuming process requiring hard work, passion, dedication, of course.

Therefore, if you think not to be strong enough to keep reading, please stop here, because you are about to discover some really effective techniques to build your brand community successfully.

  • Your community must be found.

It doesn’t matter if you have 25 members or 400. People should easily find the groups and the resources you made available for the community. Needless to say, it should be even easier for them to join.

  • It is a fundamental part of your customer experience.

Your community is an extension of your value proposition. Formulating strategies to make it a central feature of your relationship with your customers would pay off.

  • Offer exclusive contents.

Ever thought about why all the ads you see on social media are giving something away for free? People love what is free. Combining what is free with what is exclusive would make them feel heard and valued.

  • Reward active participation.

Be creative while you show all your gratitude for the comments, insights and suggestions your loyal customers kindly provided you.

  • Create meaningful relationships.

Business is done with people. Make them know they count for you.

All valuable points, aren’t they? Still, it is important for you to focus a bit more on the last one because creating long-lasting relationships is not as fast and easy as it might sound. To clarify this aspect, a famous framework will be employed.

The relationship model of George Levinger divides this process into 5 stages:

  1. Acquaintance: stage where common interests are identified
  2. Build up: the compatibility is determined.
  3. Continuation: both brand and clients show their commitment by doing concrete actions and supporting each other
  4. Deterioration: a breakdown in communication happens
  5. Termination: the end.

For the sake of completeness and to show what must be avoided at all costs, points 4 and 5 were illustrated. Remember not to follow 4 and 5 though!

Now let’s shed a light on some other mistakes which could kill your chances of success:

  • Inauthenticity and strict rules to follow: people perceive your identity and they always claim their freedom. Lying to them is not such a good idea.
  • Inconsistency: make a plan, project your contents and stick to them!
  • It is not a community: creating an audience just to sell, without evaluating their contribution, categorise your “community” as a simple marketing channel.
  • Lack of engagement: give to the members a people to remain active, ask opinions, run surveys and launch contests. Do not let silence happen.

Everything is clearer after this explanation.

You know what community building means.

You are aware of the techniques the biggest brands use in the process.

And yet you know what can cause a failure.

Now it is your turn.

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