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January 31, 2021
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What is digital automation?

Digital automation is quite literally the process of automation things, digitally.

Quite simple, right?

Digital automation accesses technological systems to enable rapid ‘virtual’ integration that can autonomously execute business processes without requiring human intervention. 

Many organisations can automate many processes related to how an organisation communicates with its audience. 

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Why automate repetitive tasks?

Organisations that want to grow and keep growing have to focus their efforts on developing their products or services. Many processes executed by organisations are repetitive and do not bring much value to the end product or service. 

These repetitive tasks can be small tasks or large tasks.

Some examples include:

  • Sending a weekly newsletter
  • Cross-posting social media posts
  • Sending welcome emails to new subscribers
  • And so on

When growing online you should always think about how you communicate with your audience.

Posting something on Facebook should not mean that you exclude your Instagram followers from the new post. 

By automating repetitive tasks such as these, you can: 

  • Save time

Automating repetitive tasks lets you focus on what you do best,

rather than commit countless hours to create Facebook posts,

Instagram posts and Twitter posts that all look the same. 

  • Reduce costs

When time is money, every minute counts.

Organisations that automate their repetitive tasks do not have to waste time and

money worrying about when to post the next piece of content or how many missed people missed your post. 

  • Engage more people

By combining all communication channels, you can easily engage more people and reach a wider audience. Some organisations have their favourite channels but this shouldn’t limit how many channels you use. 

How Zapier helps us automate

All automation processes work differently and the optimal way to automate tasks differs from grower to grower. Whether you have a complex back-end structure that draws information from a wide range of sources or a small blog, there is a solution for you. 

When building our website, we got in contact with Zapier, an automation tool that gives you the chance to automate repetitive tasks without any hassle. Zapier helps us automate tasks that are related to how we communicate with our audience. 


Let’s take a look at an example. 

Every day, we post content to our Instagram. 

For every post, we want to display the same post on our Facebook feed. 

Zapier allows us to gather the data posted to Instagram and then sends the data to Facebook. 

Facebook can then read the data sent to it by Zapier and automatically post something to our Facebook feed. Cool right?

Let’s have a look at a more complex example. 

When our audience wants to get in touch with us, we have accessible forms on our website where they can send us a message.

When a message is sent to us, Zapier takes the data gathered and send that information to our spreadsheet of messages. 

By using this method, we no longer have to manually add every message to our list of customers and can instead focus on growing with our partners. 

The best thing about Zapier is that it is completely free to start. 

Click here to get started with Zapier. 

Why can’t I automate everything?

Okay, we get it. You want to automate your whole digital growth.

There are many services similar to Zapier that let you automate repetitive tasks. Some organisations have a complex back-end that does not allow this kind of integrations.

Digital automation can be implemented by developing a custom made automation solution. This means that your organisation’s back-end infrastructure gets integrated with our automation software. 

To get more information on how to automate your whole digital growth, talk to us

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