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April 7, 2021
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Remaining in the past within a society that foresees the future is not a good starting point for your business. Sometimes it is necessary to adapt to new circumstances, and this might also mean changing the company’s strategy, or maybe just a very big clean up, as being organized in first place will then make everything much easier.

In fact, it is important to adapt to new technologies as well and continue to be up to date. In this blog, we will cover digital housekeeping, a topic that I can assure you will bring your company in undergoing big and successful changes. We all know that companies should make accurate decisions to continuously grow at a fast speed while remaining somewhat stable; digital housekeeping will make this possible.

However, not only this, digital housekeeping means cleaning up the business social media profiles, changing privacy settings, changing the layout of your business website, your professional messaging, which with time might not be eye-catching enough for the outside world in order to continuously keep yourself, and your business company, competitive.

It does not apply to one specific sector, but to whatever is your need, we will cover the essential steps that will allow you to introduce your digital housekeeping strategy to your business; we will also cover in more detail why it is important and give you some interactive examples. Let's start!

Websites need content creation and a good layout and a lot based on privacy settings, which helps avoid unwanted viruses to overtake it. Privacy settings along with the whole website structure after a certain amount of time should be changed. This might be because you saw one of your target audiences getting lots of sales, and you would like to arrange your website to target them as well. Maybe it's because you realized that new technologies are developed with time and your website should implement some, or perhaps because you realized that the more your website stays online without any change, the more at risk it gets and the less eye-catching it will be when compared to new ones. However, as mentioned before, this matters not only for websites but for everything that might be of your interest.

How about your LinkedIn profile, which back in time was very up to date and you got that nice job, but now is considered outdated. What about your social media, do you know that if not changed, it will become a risk, and this might also mean that all other platforms with the same password as that one, might be at risk as well? What if, implementing digital housekeeping is really what you need, what will make you feel more secure, feel even more competitive and always stand out no matter how much time passes by. However, this blogpost will make your digital life more secure and help you organize and have everything under your control. It might seem a lot to do, but as soon as you start, you'll see the benefits.

Let's look at some examples and 4 simple steps to clean up your digital house:

Media security improvement and Mind cleaning

Your business might have both digital receipts and paper ones, let's start by scanning all paper ones and create a folder on your computer where you can store them. You might also need to scan many paperwork documents so that you can have everything stored on your computer in specific folders. You will also want every employee to download a copy of their computer data on a flash drive in order to avoid losing all of it in case of a computer damage. Also, how old are your passwords? 

2. Update your personal information, bio, status, picture on your media

e.g., LinkedIn allows you to add 50 skills you see yourself having, if not done yet, this will help you in being more competitive, as well as adding hashtags.

Go back to your business website and make it more interesting, innovative, different, it should stand out from all the websites that exist.


3. Clean your devices

Delete all unnecessary apps and unsubscribe from irrelevant newsletters and remember that a key step is to have all of your business computers up to date therefore, it is key to update your software regularly.

4. Online information need to be accurate

Some steps might be: Make sure that your online information is accurate, invest more on digital advertisement on social media (depending on your target audience), update your privacy settings, change the layout of your business website, have accurate and up to date social media for your business to cover not just one but many online platforms.

Digital housekeeping is a wide concept that covers everything from cleaning up bad code to making sure that your website is secure. Digital housekeeping is the solution to many of the risks in the digital world. Implementing these simple practices in your monthly routine will only benefit you and the digital success of your business.

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